FIFE standard of Maine Coon

Generally Apparence rectangular, large format, heavily muscled physique, broad chest, angular head with large ears, waving tail, strong bone, an impression of power and robustness.
Size   medium to large, hangover larger than females
Head Form: medium in size, angular outline, profile inclined gently concave
  Forehead gently curved
  Cheeks high standing and prominent cheekbones
  Face medium, angular outline of the snout, sensible transition between muzzle and cheekbones 
  Chin determined, in a vertical line with nose and upper lip
Ears  Form large, broad at the base, moderately pointed, lynx-tufts desirable, tufts of hair in the ears extend beyond the edge of the ear.
  Placement high on the head inclined slightly outwards, an ear width distance, lower base of the ear slightly behind
Eye Form large, wide apart, slightly oval, not almond shaped, appear round when they are wide open, easy set obliquely to the outer edge of the ear
  Color any color to match the coat color, clear colors
Neck   with very strong muscles in males
Body Structure long, strong bone, hard muscles, broad chest, balanced, large format, generally rectangular appearance
  Legs and feet Legs strong, medium length, feet large, round, tufts between the toes
Tail   so long as the body, broad at base, tapering, fluttering, long guard hair
Coat Structure tight all weather coat, short on the head, along the topline becoming longer, long on the belly and hind legs, Ruff is expected undercoat soft and fine, coarser outer coat and smooth.
  Color Black, Blue, Red, Cream, with and without agouti, piebald spotting, silver, white
Faults   Missing size, inharmonious proportions; round head, straight or convex profile, Break the nose; protruding whisker pads, rounded or pointed muzzle; receding chin, widely spaced, outwardly projecting ears, slanting, almond-shaped eyes; to fine, light and short and stocky; long staksige legs, a short tail; lack of long hair on the abdomen, lack of any undercoat; Polydactyly (Vielzehigkeit)
Comments   The type must be compared with the color preferred. The very slow development of the breed should be taken into account. Length and density of the coat varies with the seasons